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Protector of Esther's Tomb

Each year during the time of year when we celebrate Purim, I am reminded of Esther, and of how much, as a Iranian Jewish woman, I treasure my legacy as a “daughter of Esther”.

This modest and humble girl, through her beauty, courage, and ingenuity, managed to thwart the genocide of her people. Today I see her example all around me in the women in my family and in my community.

In my film, “My Lost Iran” I explore these themes. In fact, my central character, Saeed, was the son of the chief Rabbi of Hamadan and the protector of Esther’s tomb in Iran. We see Esther’s legacy in the resilience of Jews in Iran. We see her strength and beauty in the women who endured war and starting over in America. And we see how she is central to the love, honor and respect Iranian Jewish men have for their wives and daughters.

Won’t you help me to complete this important film?

Please visit our web site to learn more about how you can participate by hosting a small fundraising event, making a donation or simply helping us to raise awareness for this valuable endeavor.

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